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    Joe Fairless Cincinnati is an aspirant real estate investor. His podcast, The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, is the world's longest-running daily real estate podcast, with over 500,000 monthly downloads. Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, skateboarder-turned-entrepreneur Tony Hawk, celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, and many others have all been on the show as guests. To listen to the podcast on the go, download the official app from the App Store or Google Play.


    He has produced three books on the subject, in addition to interviewing and speaking with successful persons in real estate investing. Fairless' real estate blog contains over 1,300 entries on property-related matters, and he is in the business of assisting and teaching others his ideas and approaches through conferences and seminars.


    Investing in Real Estate


    Fairless sees real estate investment as a way to a higher quality of life, professional growth, philanthropy, and financial gain. Accredited Investor Lifestyle is a section of Joe Fairless' website (JoeFairless.com), where he talks about living a healthy lifestyle, being a good person, and giving back to the community. Fairless believes that if a person is financially independent, they are better positioned to focus on personal growth and service to others through travel and other experiences.


    Returning the Favor


    Joe Fairless Cincinnati places a significant focus on charity and community service. Through his Best Ever Causes project, he has helped more than 38 non-profits.


    The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), the United Way's partner Stepping Stones, Operation Give Back in Cincinnati, Unite Oregon, a non-profit working toward racial and social justice in Oregon, Hacemos, a farm school called Gorman Heritage Farm, and a humanitarian aid group called Among the organizations referenced in Matthew 25 are those stated above, as well as Fighting Chance Rescue, a non-profit committed to helping needy horses.


    Since 2012, Fairless has provided scholarship funds to Texas Tech University's advertising squad. Students selected for this program will have the chance to travel to New York City and intern at a well-known advertising business.


    Education and Experience


    Joe Fairless Cincinnati was an adjunct communications instructor at Texas Tech University in 2015, where he also got a bachelor's degree in advertising. Fairless is now serving on the board of Texas Tech's College of Media and Communication, supporting future professionals. Fairless worked as a teacher for the worldwide youth organization Junior Achievement's New York City chapter before moving to Cincinnati and joining its board. Fairless also gives back to the community by visiting hospice patients in the Cincinnati region.


    He began his career as an advertising junior project manager and became the firm's youngest vice president by 30.


    Fairless discovered that the advertising sector was different from his genuine calling, contrary to his expectations (he owned four single-family homes at the time). He began his education in the real estate sector by attending seminars, reading books, and seeking assistance from accomplished businesses.


    Fairless left his advertising job in 2012 and, within six months, had accumulated enough money from private investors to purchase a 168-unit complex. This was the start of his long and lucrative career as a significant real estate investor.


    Joe Fairless Cincinnati is ecstatic about some of his accomplishments that have nothing to do with real estate, advertising, or philanthropy. However, many of his most prominent ones have occurred in these fields. Fairless worked at a daycare center while attending college, teaching over a hundred toddlers. During this period, Fairless captained a flag football team at his fraternity that went on to win a national championship. Fairless' stand-up comedy career began when he graduated from college and relocated to New York City.

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